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Recitals held Bi-Annually!  Music Lessons in North Plainfield, NJ and surrounding cities.

Location:  Online Lesson Tuition/month:  $100 ($25.00/30 min. lesson)*
Location:  In-home Lesson Tuition/month: $120 ($30.00/30 min. lesson)*
*These prices are based off a typical 4 week month.  Prices are subject to change. Music Lessons are also given in 45 min. and 1 hour increments...prices increase accordingly to duration of lesson. No Registration Fee!

* Affordable Music Lessons in a comfortable environment!

* All Music Lessons are the same price, no matter the instrument.
-For up to date invoice amount for current month, please contact JAK Studios before payments are made.
-Books, CDs, Sheet Music, and musical accessories are available for purchase through JAK Studios!
Please request materials at least one week in advance of needed use.
Thank you for supporting the arts in our communities!
-JAK Studios-

Affordable Local Music Lessons!

Areas Including:  North Plainfield, South Plainfield, Plainfield, Greenbrook, Warren, Basking Ridge, Millington, Edison, Woodbridge, and many More!
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